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Neko Atsume
HEYLOO And welcome to DUDUVERSE!!!!Im Dorian anndd This Universe is Run by a world domination Planner, Touhou and Vocaloid loving Lesbian!!! Its a heavy heavy WIP but i just wanted to See if it would fit on Neocities...Forgive me ;W; Some (and when i mean some i mean Most) links do not go ANYWHERE. Pls keep that in Mind :3
Anyways...blah Blah no site helps U express urself More than Neocities yah yah...I made this mainly Bcs ive always known abt Neocities, and the More bios i read abt How u can Basically create ur Own space...I was ofc Intrigued. I honestly stayed away from Making a Site for Another year bcss..code is Overwhelming! Especially if it doesnt go Right...But! I have a Lot of free time on My hands these days (and Some xtreme nagging Friends) So I decided to make my own Website!!! And id honestly Recommend doing one...its A lot. But seeing something Work and Creating ur Own Personal space is actually really Fun (i say As non of my links r working...And My music player is Fucked)
I think I'll put the main 3 bios here...I dont Think itll Be too much...hoping I can fill in the super awkward gap ><"
Yuuko Aioi also known by her nickname Yukko is one of the five main characters of Nichijou, alongside her friends Mai Minakami and Mio Naganohara, Nano Shinonome, and Hakase, and is the primary protagonist of the series.She is an energetic high school student with short brown hair. Throughout both the manga and anime series, negative things sometimes happen to Yuuko, even if they logically shouldn't.